Cult Critic Review March 16, 2020

Silvia de Leonardis could successfully touch the hearts of people with her film and in the coming years she may entertain all the audiences with more emotional and challenging films... Surely a must watch film.


Vegas Movie Awards Interview January 13th, 2020

This path of perseverance and sacrifices is the one undertaken years ago by Silvia de Leonardis, a talented German-Italian actress, and producer, currently engaged in her career as an actress in the United States, in her tireless search for artistic and personal growth. The same path that made her decide to make an entire short film by herself, by taking care of directing, producing, writing, editing, casting actors, and acting.


Prisma Interview December 28, 2019

One of the most interesting and exciting aspects of your film is certainly acting. In such a powerful drama, how do you manage to bring an actor into these deep emotions? - It was easy to guide my actors through this process. You simply need to know what they die for and some other things and you can lead them with imagination. In a time where acting has often become second-rate, I want to set a mark for how beautiful this craft is and also how powerful it is.


Prisma Film Review December 24, 2019

Silvia de Leonardis’ new film explores the deep emotional connections between a mother and her son. The grace and simplicity that distinguish this beautiful film are the most evident result of a complex and refined stylistic work... In this direction, De Leonardis creates a cinema worthy of the name, capable of combining entertainment with a deeper meaning, which reaches the height of poetry.


Cult Critic Interview December 5, 2019

Silvia de Leonardis´ Short Film “ON THE LINE” is an award-winning 23-minute revelation on a culture’s and social attitude towards common human life. This short film was also different from the others – it had more story concerning the characters. This film serves a great message, which the audience can relate to.