“On the Line” shows the relationship of addiction and drama between an alcoholic mother and her cocaine addicted son.


After the death of her husband 15 years ago, Caroline Nowak started drinking to ease her pain and loneliness. Having left her ten year old son Raphael emotionally alone resulted in him looking for ways to cope with his pain and anger. Unnoticed by his mother, a burgeoning path into the world of drugs only made the two drift further apart emotionally.

Things get worse when Rapha (25) moves in his mother´s apartment after breaking up with his girlfriend. Caroline unable to express her love, tries to act like a mother only resulting in Raphael becoming increasingly angry with her.

At Caroline´s brother´s birthday, she catches Rapha using Cocain and tries unsuccessfully to convince him to go get therapy. The situation is becoming critical when Raphael lies and steals from his mother.

Touching on themes of loneliness, broken hearts, addiction, and relationships, “On the Line” shows the paths that lead to pain if you are unable to get help and take responsibility for one´s actions.


Silvia de Leonardis

Silvia started her career at the municipal theatre in Constance and at the “Theater an der Grenze” in Switzerland. Later she had appearances in TV and movies for example: several episodes of “Tatort”, “Die Manns”, “SOKO 5113”, “Kuestenwache”, “Grossglocknerliebe”, “Der Clown”, “Die Rosenheim-Cops”, “Muenchen 7” and many more.


Bastian Theurich

Bastian is an actor located in Munich. He is known as a member of the boygroup Part Six (2006-2011) and has appeared in “Unter Verschluss“, “Klarissa geht ihren Weg“, “Die verpasste Chance“ and “Warenhaus“. He also played in the theatre productions “Am hellichten Tag“ and “Eine Wintergeschichte“.


Cecilia Schmidt (12)

Cecilia played her first leading role at the age of 8 in “Kaufkrank“ as a girl mistreated by her mother. She not only was absolutely convincing in her role as Sarah, but also moved the audience to tears. In “On the line“ she was a pleasure to work with.


Kai Groenwald

Kai is an actor located in Munich. He starred in many TV series, movies and commercials such as “Das Glaszimmer“, “Unsere wunderbaren Jahre“, “Um Himmels Willen“, “Sturm der Liebe“, “Mystery Hunters“, “Ein Rocker und ein Teenie“, “Ich like Dich“, “Ins Netz gegangen“ and more.



Original Music by


Alan Reeves

Alan Reeves is a British film composer, music producer, and Hammond B3 virtuoso. In the course of his career he has received 35 international awards, including a Goldene Schallplatte. He became known for his work with the bands The Showtimers and Clinic as well as for the music for the films To Walk with Lions, The Call of the Wild: Dog of the Yukon, and Kill Bill Vol. 2. He has appeared, played or recorded with/for among others, the Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix, Chuck Berry, David Bowie and David Gilmore.


Produced and directed by Silvia de Leonardis